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Changing the fate of the world one step at a time.

The Problem to Solve

Environmentalism has gone mainstream. Yet, in spite of studies showing that most customers care about sustainability, people are not always making purchases that align with those stated values. Whether environmentally friendly products are perceived to cost more, or there’s a belief that you must accept a compromise in performance to take care of the planet, there’s an inherent challenge in selling sustainable products.

Our Solution

Evoco is a Toronto-based bio-foam manufacturing start-up that has developed an insole made of 77% renewable plant-based material that’s better for the planet than alternative poly-fillers. Our naming for this innovative planet-friendly product sprung directly from the idea that every thoughtful purchase is a positive step toward changing the ultimate fate of the world. In order to tell the Fates brand story, we created a wordmark and visual identity to stand out with B2B buyers, while offering future potential to become an ingredient brand for consumer products in the footwear, automotive and fitness categories. This brand narrative formed a compelling foundation for investor pitches, sales decks and their B2B website launch.

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