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Redefining health one metric at a time.

The Problem to Solve

A young tech company in the health and fitness space competing with behemoths like Fitbit, Samsung and Apple, FitTrack had achieved initial success globally with sales of their Dara scale and Atria watch. But they knew that long-term sustainable growth would require building a brand with more than just functional attributes. FitTrack needed to make an emotional connection with new customers by standing for something powerful in a cluttered marketplace.

Our Solution

It’s no secret that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, yet we continue to be told that the lower our weight, the healthier we are. That’s why FitTrack measures 17 individual metrics that make up your true picture of health. Challenging the outdated fitness industry narrative, we redefined “healthy” beyond just the one number on the scale with a global campaign calling on people to "Live Your True Health".

The Results

During the campaign, search volume for FitTrack in North America increased by 141% with a 162% increase in CTR. Ad Recall and Purchase intent increased by 8.2% and 2.5%, respectively, all of which contributed to FitTrack’s impressive global growth, climbing 300% from 2020-2021.

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