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Is anyone brand loyal anymore?

"Millennials and Gen Z are so much less loyal to brands than boomers."

Have these words ever come out of your mouth? Yeah, us too.


Wondering where your customers' loyalty lies, who might be curious about your category, and how to convince them to try your brand over others? This report uncovers an array of surprising insights from over 1500 Canadians that can help you shape your marketing efforts and plan for the 2023 calendar year with post-pandemic data in mind.

What's in the report:

  • At-a-glance profiles of ages 18-34, 35-54 and 55+, including what attitudes and behaviours make them unique, their top ranked categories for loyalty, and what factors convince them to try something new

  • How each generation feels about trying new brands, products and categories, and where their curiosity is highest

  • Insights into generational loyalty across 13 sectors and 40 industries, with thought-provoking questions for marketers operating in each sector

  • Deep dives into sustainability attitudes, shopping habits and individual self-concept across generations

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