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Jack's Work From Patio


Making the most of the “hybrid” work model.

The Problem to Solve

Canadians love patio season almost as much as the restaurant industry does. It’s a chance to attract big crowds and even bigger revenues. But the fight to become a top-of-mind patio destination is stiffer than a jacked-up margarita and just as salty. With nearly 40 locations across the country, Jack’s is one of the largest players in the patio game. Following two tough years of pandemic capacity limits, and with a restriction-free summer upon them, Jack’s needed a summer patio campaign that would put them head and sun-kissed shoulders above the rest.

Our Solution

While most restaurants were tailoring their messaging around how short Canadian summers are, we looked at how consumer behaviour had shifted post-pandemic. Working from home meant people were more stuck inside than ever. Team lunches and after-work drinks had been replaced with sweatpants and leftovers. And for GenZ, who are all about that remote work life, the struggle with WFH fatigue was real. So we created the “Work” from Patio campaign; a cheeky patio szn call for Canadians to swap deadlines for tan lines. We launched on TikTok and Instagram, driving people to experience our custom-made patio pod at a nearby Jacks. Complete with ‘dupe your coworkers’ accessories, the soundproof, wifi-enabled booth made it easy to knock off a Zoom call between patio pints. To boost social engagement, we toured the pod across Ontario asking Jacks fans to tell us how badly they needed a WFH break for a chance to bring the pod to their location.

The Results

By reframing what work from home could be, during a time when Canadians wanted nothing more than to be outside, we were able to beat projected consumer engagement by 1400%. Pretty boss numbers…for a fake-out-the-boss patio campaign.

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