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Re-imagining home ownership for a new generation.

The Problem to Solve

Key, a start-up focused on re-imagining the model for home ownership, had reached a critical milestone in their early-stage company as they prepared for a soft launch that included a number of significant investor pitches. They were challenged with both a lacklustre identity that failed to live up to the bold ambitions of their founding team, as well as a complicated business model that needed a clear and compelling brand narrative to attract potential homeowners and investors alike.

Our Solution

The Garden worked closely with the Founders and their CMO on a “start-up paced” mission to craft a brand strategy and new brand identity that would excite people, signal change, and create the shift in mindset necessary to get the world to buy in to a radical and revolutionary approach to home ownership for the future, one that would make mortgages feel like an outdated concept of a bygone era.

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