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Supercharging a 

company for their next stage of growth.

The Problem to Solve

Founded in 2014, Loopio quickly became the leader in the RFP-response software market, having virtually pioneered the category. But being first-to-market comes with its challenges. Over the next few years, as Loopio rapidly expanded, they found themselves facing a sea of copycat products undercutting their original offering. With so much marketplace confusion, and a desire to exponentially scale growth across North America, Loopio needed to re-establish their brand leadership.

Our Solution

Digging beyond product features to get at buyer insights, The Garden learned that ambitious, high-growth organizations responding to RFPs struggle with wrangling their in-house experts to craft a winning response. That led to a re-framing of Loopio as the brand that fuels growth by tapping into the collective brainpower of an organization’s people, and inspired a unique design system centred on the idea of connections. From there, the Loopio brand experience was transformed  from employee launch, website redesign and a refreshed product interface, to a new look for Loopicon 2020, their annual conference.

Loopio overview.png

Brand Vision

A world where every 
company can tap into the
collective brainpower of their people to fuel 
their growth.

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Loopio 3b@2x.jpg
Loopio 4@2x.jpg
loopio 5b@2x.jpg
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