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Helping a start-up start up a difficult conversation.

The Problem to Solve

Let’s face it, death isn’t exactly a hot topic of conversation. That’s why over 60% of Canadian couples haven’t discussed their wills or their estate plans with their partners. And, there is nothing more stressful than grieving the loss of a loved one while also being faced with finding and making sense of all of the paperwork - without having any of the answers. That’s why “death-tech” start-up ReadyWhen created a digital solution to revolutionize the Estate management industry with a life planning platform designed to help make the planning process more accessible and proactive. However, they still needed help to convince couples to start a convo that almost everyone hopes to avoid.

Our Solution

Instead of dancing around death, we helped couples face an off-limits subject head-on – adding a sense of honesty and levity to a less-than-lighthearted conversation. In a series of social videos that we created and produced entirely in-house, we twisted the notion of a traditional talking head interview, putting real couples on the spot to give them (and couples everywhere) a playful push to start making life planning decisions sooner rather than later.

The Results

As of late 2022, over 3500 people have registered with ReadyWhen, collectively entering nearly 12,000 items into their accounts. 
ReadyWhen has also implemented a collaboration program with Prospr by Sun Life, where new Prospr clients will get a free year of access to ReadyWhen's platform. And, they’ve launched a new product – GoVeyance – that facilitates conveyancing for legal professionals

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