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Helping Gen Y discover their XXX.

The Problem to Solve

Standard Innovation, a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality, eco-friendly sex toys, was best known for their signature couples product, the We-Vibe®. As they looked to broaden their customer base, they wanted to take a brand-first approach to appealing to a younger demographic. They knew they needed outside expertise to create and design a brand from scratch that would address the unmet market needs of a Millennial audience.

Our Solution

Following a journey into the world of understanding the Millennial perspective on sexual health and pleasure, The Garden landed on a brand strategy grounded in the belief that if more people were enjoying great sex in all its forms, the world would be a happier and more relaxed place. Inspired by the brand belief - orgasmic people are happier

people - we created the ROMP brand. Taking cues from the worlds of fashion, art, gaming and pop culture, we broke category conventions with our designs, exploring four distinct brand identities. In research, our young panel of heterosexual and LGBTQ males and females selected this sophisticated, fashion-forward logo and design identity. 

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