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Proof that there’s life beyond the label.

The Problem to Solve

In 2015, two former colleagues came to us with their audacious dream to bring a new premium tequila to the market. They shared with us a sumptuous agave spirit, packaged in a stunning bottle with a label hand-drawn to represent the beauty born from their own personal struggle. But marketing a new spirit takes more than a label. They asked for our help in creating a flexible design system to launch Siempre Tequila into the world without losing the heart of the brand as they began to commercialize it.

Our Solution

Starting with the intricate illustration on the Siempre bottle, we deconstructed the layers to create a system of bold, ownable brand elements and typographic treatments that can be applied across myriad touchpoints to match the energy and aesthetic of the original design. We then applied this system to transform mundane “sales materials” into an unexpected and exciting branded experience: retail cases, bottleneck tags, a tradeshow booth and banners, delivery van wraps and branded lifestyle merchandise.

The Results

From its homegrown roots being listed in Sobeys Liquor and Safeway Wine & Spirits, Siempre has become one of the world’s fastest-growing and award-winning craft tequilas, available in thousands of locations. After recording $25,000 revenue in year one, the business is on track to make $11 million by the end of 2022.

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