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Uniting modern taste makers within an innovative rental community

The Problem to Solve

Fitzrovia Real Estate has set out to redefine luxury rental living in Toronto, developing each of its buildings with the intention of creating a unique and vibrant community space. While each community that Fitzrovia creates stands on its own, the Fitzrovia masterbrand is built on the concept of meshing the old and the new - marrying the traditional savoir-faire of England’s Fitzrovia district with a modern, contemporary twist suitable for downtown living. As the next project at Yonge & Eglinton was conceptualized, we needed to draw the new building’s identity from both the Fitzrovia masterbrand and the surrounding neighbourhood, creating a unique look and feel that was all its own.

Our Solution

In Old English, ‘Parkers’ referred to the Park Keepers - individuals who looked after the neighbourhood greenspaces, which were key cultural and community gathering places at the time. Just like a “Parker” of the past, Fitzrovia’s new space cultivated life, style and interest to the neighbourhood it inhabited. The Parker brand draws inspiration from the timeless elegance of Old England, and marries it with the editorial and fashion-forward nature of the Yonge & Eglinton location. As a forward-looking collection of taste-makers and creators, the Parker brand contains a unique crest that puts a contemporary spin on the traditional coat-of-arms. Using a flexible logo system, in combination with vibrant colours and custom photography, The Parker brand and community alike are set up to grow and adapt with the Toronto landscape around it.

Group 7735.png
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1_Parker Brochure73418_2.jpg
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Final Rooftop Pool.jpg
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