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A brand designed for female empowerment.

The Problem to Solve

From day one, We-Vibe® has been on a mission to bring couples closer together through passionate and playful exploration. Over time, the company's global success inspired competitors to mimic their sophisticated product line and packaging. As they approached the global launch of their newest connected product, they needed a unique brand and packaging design that would attract a broader audience to their portfolio of innovative sex toys and stand out from the copycats flooding retail shelves.

Our Solution

Walking away from the generic “versioning” system for We-Vibe product names, The Garden created a more meaningful moniker: the We-Vibe® Sync. Moving away from the clean white canvas and watercolour graphics that had become synonymous with We-Vibe, we introduced a more modern visual identity system featuring a bolder palette of colours, typography, and a unique gradient effect. The brand identity was extended across the We-Vibe product portfolio selling in nearly sixty countries worldwide. The distinctive look was featured in all packaging, product videos, and in-store marketing materials. 

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