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Changing the game for a challenger brand.

The Problem to Solve

Following an extensive brand strategy deep dive and a corporate name change, Alida (formerly Vision Critical) needed a compelling new logo and brand identity to match its bold aspirations. As a smaller, lesser-known company competing against a number of large behemoths in the customer experience management SaaS category, Alida wanted to make sure they would stand out and make a memorable impression at every touchpoint.

Our Solution

Unlike the more functional tech brands in the category, Alida wanted to be a friendlier, human brand with a more empathetic sensibility. Using the iconic letterform inside the name itself was an intentional design decision, referencing a vessel ready to be filled with information and insight. The approach to typography and photography plays strong shapes against a humanist serif to stand out in the marketplace creating an aesthetic for the Alida brand that feels more conversational then analytical. The warm colour palette establishes an inviting and very unexpected tone for a brand in this category.

The Results

Following their brand transformation, Alida saw double-digit growth in recurring revenues.  This trend has continued with a 20% growth rate in Q1 of 2023, and over 100 global organizations choosing Alida’s Community CX platform. Alida is continuously in the spotlight for winning numerous culture and marketing awards including recognition as Best Marketing Team for the last three consecutive years.

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