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Elevating a girls’ school into a class of its own.

The Problem to Solve

Independent girls’ school, Branksome Hall, was looking to replace their 10-year-old brand platform. Their long-standing tagline, “Be Remarkable” was losing relevance with students – feeling a lot more prescriptive than progressive. With a class full of independent leaders, free-thinkers and change-makers – who was Branksome to tell girls what to “Be”?

At the same time, Branksome was struggling to differentiate from competitor schools, despite being the only one to offer the International Baccalaureate curriculum. We needed to create a new platform that spoke to what sets Branksome Hall (and their students) apart, get “IB” the credit it deserves, and give students a platform they could really rally behind.

Our Solution

We shook up Branksome’s positioning with a new tagline, look and attitude. Our platform, “Fiercely Independent” puts students at the forefront, because Branksome Hall doesn’t just enrich girls’ minds – they ensure each individual develops a mind of their own. In our launch campaign, we adopted a boldly confident tone, redefined IB education, and shone the spotlight on girls as their authentic selves - smiles not required.

Launched in out-of-home, social, and on campus through the Fall admissions season, we featured true Branksome students of all different backgrounds, grades, and talents. 

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Speaking students' language

Knowing that students – not just their parents – have a big say in school choice, we leveraged a strategic social buy hyper-targeted to teens and spoke Gen Z's language to generate admission interest right from the source.

Calling the Shots

We asked Branksome to nominate real students who exemplified the “Fiercely Independent” spirit, then photographed them on-site at the school. Showcasing each student’s unique talent through props and location, our imagery cut through cliché campus photography – showing confident girls posed to face the world, head-on.

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