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Giving a successful brand platform

a new character arc.

The Problem to Solve

In 2022, we created the "Be a reader, not a follower" campaign to help launch Kobo Plus; an unlimited eBook subscription service. In 2023, Kobo elevated the campaign line to their brand-wide platform and included unlimited audiobooks to their offering. We needed a fun and fresh way to reach the same audience and solidify Kobo as the go-to guilty-pleasure brand for reading AND listening.

Our Solution

Even more than eBooks, audiobooks allow people to escape into a fully immersive world. We brought this feeling to life by co-opting the popular phrase “Main Character Energy”, and encouraged our readers and listeners to unleash theirs. Positioned against the haters (or villains) that judge people by their covers, we empowered genre and paperback readers to indulge in their book-induced fantasies – no matter how spooky, fantastical or smutty. 

In a 360 campaign that included a Cinema-bound hero spot, OOH, Spotify and social (FB, IG, TikTok, Pinterest), we gave genre readers their main character moment – because If you’re gonna live in your own world, you might as well be at the centre of it.

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