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Ending bad moods with good appliances.

The Problem to Solve

When it comes to appliance shopping, big box stores reign supreme. In Ontario, 75% of appliance shoppers will choose convenience over expertise, getting their appliance advice from the same people who sell them lumber. With over 44 years of experience, Goemans had built a reputation for unrivaled product knowledge and a ‘get to know you’ customer-centric approach that made sure people brought home the right appliance for their needs. But in spite of this competitive edge, Goemans struggled to communicate their brand promise and instead found themselves caught up in the low price war - a war they couldn’t win. 

Our Solution

To become a must-visit destination for appliance shoppers, we needed to pivot the conversation towards Goemans’ defining strength - expert service. Our research uncovered a powerful truth: appliances impact our emotional well-being. Not just a matter of undercooked lasagna or dirty silverware, when our appliances reach the breaking point - so do we. Leveraging this insight, we launched the new Goemans brand with Bad Appliances Turn Us Into Bad People - a cheeky campaign that illustrated the impact of expert service. To further solidify Goemans’ reputation as category experts, we rolled out a new platform and tagline: Do Appliances Right. Deceptively simple and direct, it underscores the importance of getting the right appliance, not just the cheapest one.

The Results

The campaign put Goemans on the map - literally. Appliance shoppers flocked to the stores across Ontario, driving a 16% increase in foot traffic while it was on air. 

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