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Rethinking Valentine’s Day for Gen Z.

The Problem to Solve

Whether it’s pricey prix fixes or flutes of champagne on the menu, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for restaurants. But as the rebels of the industry, there’s nothing less “Jack’s” than a gushy, hallmark holiday. Not to mention the fact that their younger target is more into swiping and side-things than serious relationships. So we needed to help promote one of the most profitable days in a restaurant’s calendar while staying true to their rebel spirit.

Our Solution

Throwing out the romance rule book, we gave Jack’s a Valentine’s celebration as unconventional as they are by turning our focus to a love of a different form: the sacred bond between best bros. Inspired by the cultural success of Amy Poehler’s Galentine’s Day, we coined an all-new holiday to be celebrated every Feb. 15th. Palentine’s Day broke conventions of traditional Valentine’s campaigns in both content and form—shot entirely on an iPhone, we gave up commercial polish in favour of an organic, influencer-style video that mimics the content Gen Z consumes and creates on social themselves. With over 4M impressions and two successful bromantic giveaways of gift cards and pong sets, we proved that bros were in need of some “tenders”, love and care, too.

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