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Earning Canada’s love.

The Problem to Solve

As an iconic Canadian brand, Roots was under pressure to deliver a memorable celebration for Canada’s 150th. Not only had they been ranked as one of the brands expected to do “the best job” celebrating the anniversary, there was also a corporate desire to boost sales and reputation of the Roots brand in anticipation of their upcoming IPO. With time running out, Roots needed a big idea with the potential to not only drive sales but galvanize all Canadians.

Our Solution

All around the world, Canada is known as the “nice” nation. Everyone thinks we’re polite, friendly people - the kind who say sorry when strangers bump into us. But we know that being nice is about so much more. That being nice takes so much more. That's why The Garden flipped this ubiquitous stereotype on its head and redefined what it means to truly “be nice” in our world today.

The Results

Amassing over 4M organic video views and 20M earned media impressions, it’s no wonder Co-Founder Michael Budman called “Nice” the best brand campaign in Roots’ history.

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