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Demonstrating the power of positive thinking.

The Problem to Solve

Similar to the Patagonia brand, Life Is Good is fuelled by a commitment to corporate social responsibility. They are a $100 million U.S. clothing brand rooted in the belief that optimism is the most powerful ingredient for living a fulfilled life. They spread their positive message through their t-shirts and put a portion of proceeds toward the Life Is Good Playmakers Foundation. With a planned expansion into Canada, they needed to break through to an audience unfamiliar with the American brand, without the benefit of a mass budget.

Our Solution

Rather than a traditional advertising campaign, The Garden created the first-of-its-kind Power of Optimism machine to measure the power of positive thinking. Using EEG technology, we invited people of all ages to connect and experience whether positive thoughts (measured by brainwaves) really do have the power to make a real-life impact.

The Results

Earning attention from over 50 media outlets including Forbes, AdWeek and Strategy, The Life is Good Positivity Machine activation amassed 1.23 million earned media impressions.

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