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Taking on the taboo.

The Problem to Solve

We-Vibe® was on a mission to bring couples closer together through passionate and playful exploration - a mission challenged by the fact that sex toy brands are forbidden from advertising in traditional channels due to sweeping restrictions. On the heels of a complete re-branding exercise, we needed to connect with a broader audience without the benefit of a traditional advertising campaign.

Our Solution

To introduce this innovative product to a larger mainstream audience, The Garden lifted the We-Vibe® brand out of the world of advertising in 'dirty mags' and onto the streets, connecting directly with the people of New York City in broad daylight with a driveable, interactive billboard of sorts: The Shaggin’ Wagon.

Wrapped in We-Vibe branding with a compelling invitation to make sex this exciting again, the retro van drove around NYC, occasionally stopping and “rocking” in order to grab attention. Taking advantage of their curiosity, onlookers were invited into the back of the wagon where they could check out the new We-Vibe® Sync and chat about pleasure with sex educator & podcast host Sex Nerd Sandra. 

The Results

At a time when sex toy talk was still taboo, The Shaggin’ Wagon broke through to several mainstream publications including New York Magazine, Huffington Post, ELLE, Women’s Health, Glamour and VICE, reaching an audience of 200 million worldwide.
The We-Vibe
® Sync also took home two awards at the 2017 XBIZ Awards, winning Couples Sex Toy of the Year and Excellence in Product Packaging (also designed by The Garden).

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