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Building a brand to tackle the next stage of growth.

The Problem to Solve

Founded in 2014, Loopio quickly became the leader in the RFP-response software market, having virtually pioneered the category. But, being first- to-market comes with its challenges. Over the next few years, as Loopio rapidly expanded, they found themselves facing a sea of copycat products undercutting their original offering. With so much marketplace confusion, and a desire to scale growth even further across North America, Loopio needed to re-establish their brand leadership.

Our Solution

The Garden developed a brand platform to position Loopio as the secret weapon that fuels growth by empowering companies to tap into the collective brainpower of their people. Grounded in the idea of connection-making, our team deconstructed the existing Loopio logo to design a flexible visual system representing a series of different connectors. And, although the brand was entrenched in their corporate teal colour, we built out an expanded colour palette and visual toolkit to draw upon for designing distinctive communications, representing their suite of ‘mini-brands’ and creating a more user-friendly experience inside the Loopio platform.

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