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Taking care of the paperwork so owners can focus on the real work.

The Problem to Solve

In 2017, Ownr launched as a “business formation” service for entrepreneurs, simplifying the start-up process by cutting through the red tape around officially registering a business. Today they’ve helped over 70,000 individuals transform their dream into a business reality. Following a strategic acquisition in 2021 that allowed them to broaden the services available through their platform including annual return filings, digital minute books, employee stock option plans, and tailored contracts for IP and NDAs, Ownr needed the small business community to see them as more than just start up support. We needed to position Ownr as the go-to destination for Canadian entrepreneurs to both start AND grow their business.

Our Solution

Whether their passion is hairdressing or yoga, brewing beer or investigating a cheating spouse, independent business owners are the experts in what they do. But no matter how much they love their field, there’s no getting around the fact that running a small business will always be a challenge. In fact, if it’s not hard, you’re probably not doing it right.

And, while Ownr can’t tackle every uncertainty that an entrepreneur may face, they can help with a lot of the paperwork and administrivia that falls outside of their expertise. So, instead of minimizing the challenges and chaos of starting and running their small business, we set out to show entrepreneurs that while we can never make business ownership an easy journey, with Ownr it could be, perhaps, a little… less hard.

The Results

Google estimated that users who saw this campaign were 3.5x more likely to search for Ownr by name. And, amongst entrepreneurs targeted on Facebook, post-tracking showed that 250k recognized the Ownr brand and showed high ad recall.

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