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Breathing new life into a traditional financial institution.

The Problem to Solve

For 165 years, TMX has been the central player in the Canadian investment industry and capital markets, yet their wide-ranging capabilities and diverse offerings were overshadowed by their most well-known property: The Toronto Stock Exchange. And, with 11 distinct lines of business, they were positioning themselves in the market with disconnected messaging that under-represented the collective strength of their diverse offerings for companies at all stages of growth.

Our Solution

Following an extensive strategic exercise, The Garden saw an opportunity to shine a light on TMX Group’s role as a catalyst for progress, helping thousands of companies transform their bold visions and ambitious aspirations into reality. “The Future Is Yours to See” became the overarching rallying cry and tagline for the TMX group of companies. Following a complete top-to-bottom rebrand, we re-introduced TMX to the market with a series of provocative out-of-home executions, a digital campaign, and a brand video intended to signal change to employees across the country and stakeholders around the globe.

TMX tagline.png
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Brand Vision

A world where everyone with a vision, has the means and opportunity to see it come to life.

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